Excel: Conditional Formatting on Cell that has a formula.

I want to put CF in a cell where i have implemented a formula

1 Quantity Sold Quantity Remaining Quantity
2 12 3 9
3 3 3 0
4 3 4 -1
I had put formula at C ---> A2-B2... A3-B3 A4-B4... Because C3 is 0, CF should turn the whole row to color Red and Because C4 is -1 ( a negative value ), CF should also give it the same color, Red... but how to do it ? I used =$C3<=0 But it messes up my whole sheet if I do any modifications in tables... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Cv2clkGPzFbXhSQkpoN0VhMlk/view?usp=sharing this happens...

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