Excel: Complicated. Looking for the right cell and comparing cells next to it.

Hi :) I've got a question, and if you can suggest something or help me, I would be appreciated. As you can see from the picture, I've got information from 2 reports. On the left it's internal and on the right it's from the website, where we advertise our vehicles. With the help of 'etaf', my excel sheet looks absolutely stunning. It's highlighting in red those vehicle reg. numbers, which are not on the report from the right side, while it's highlighting in green, which are. Now I need to solve another problem - the prices. Is there any way Excel can find those reg.numbers marked as green and compare the prices next to those reg. numbers. ON the picture I've highlighted what I mean by that. On the right side are the correct prices, which is set by director. On the left are the prices that we have to put manually on the website. Sometime people forget to change them and we are loosing money. For example, with yellow i've marked the price difference. Due to this mistake we've lost £1000 yesterday. Do you have any idea of how to compare the prices and highlight them, if they are incorrect/correct. Thank you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aw1dbeq216nqt70/Work.PNG?dl=0

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