Excel: Complicated IF's

Don't know if there's a better way of doing this. Thus nested if-statements has a max value of seven and I'm afraid that this code will be more then that. Making a sheet of points depending on what a seller has sold. I've got VLOOKUP-functions fetching data adding points to specific articles. My problems comes when one article has different scores depending on who sold it. Therefore I need to make an if-statement looking for the value 1 and 2 and making a VLOOKUP to 1 or 2's specific score sheet. I really don't know how to solve this one. Probably it's easier if someone just looks at the file, but there's no possibility to upload it here. I've got this so far: =IF(H:H=1&L:L=2;VLOOKUP(C:C;PointsFTG!A:E;4;FALSE);VLOOKUP(C:C;PointsPrivat!A:E;4;FALSE)) Don't know if it's possible to have that beginning in the IF-statement. Is there any Excel expert out there willing to help me with this? Thanks! / Martin

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