Excel: Compile Data from 16 sheets into one list on seperate sheet.

Okay, quick background to give you an idea of what I've attempting to do and why. 15 friends and I run an online football league, myself being the commisioner. I've created a pretty basic workbook with 17 different sheets, Sheets 1-16 are dedicated to each position on the football field (QB, RB, WR, TE, etc.) These sheets will be used for scouting prospects for drafts, you type the players name and enter a letter grade A thru F under an a skill and a formula gives a point grade for the player. Sheet 17 is labeled 'Big Board'. On this sheet, I am trying to get some of the information from each sheet (player name, position, projected round, and draft grade) compiled into a list and sorted by two different criteria, first would be the projected draft round and second would be the players grade. This "big board" is what myself and friends will base our drafting of future prospects off of, the big board will sort the best players to take by round and final grade. I just dont know how to do it. Vlookup over multiple sheets doesnt work, or i cant get it to. I also tried some code copied to try and do a VLOOKUPAllSheets and that returns a Name? error. Any ideas?

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