Excel: Comparing and finding differences in rows with multiple columns between two worksheets

I'm not sure if this has been answered before but I've been looking for an answer to this and couldn't find one. Maybe someone can help me This is Sheet1 containing client details

ID Name Address Telephone Position
1111 ClientA Street1 111 Pos1
2222 ClientB Street2 222 Pos2
3333 ClientC Street3 333 Pos3
4444 ClientD Street4 444 Pos4
This is Sheet2 that I get from colleagues that may have added or removed clients, containing their updated details and not in the same position (I made the changes in Bold)
ID Name Address Telephone Position
2222 ClientB Street23 2323 Pos2
1111 ClientA Street1 666 Pos1
4444 ClientD Street8 444 Pos8
5555 ClientE Street5 555 Pos5
I want to be able to compare all of the details of clientA (address,tel,pos etc) from Sheet1 with those from Sheet2 and highlight the differences. So in essence I want to compare one row from Sheet1 with another row from Sheet2 with all the data from all 5 columns. I hope this is clear and any help is much appreciated!

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