Excel: Combine cells from a row to single column when item name changes

Hi, Need a little help combining cells automatically when the columns aren't the exact same number of lines for each item. As an example Column A (A1-A2): 12PM-black-ivory-stripe-dress_1.jpg 12PM-black-ivory-stripe-dress_2.jpg Column A (A3-A6) 12PM-blue-ivory-stripe-dress_1.jpg 12PM-blue-ivory-stripe-dress_2.jpg 12PM-blue-ivory-stripe-dress_3.jpg 12PM-blue-ivory-stripe-dress_4.jpg I can get the above to show up in cell A1 by using the combine method, but what i can't get is that method to automatically understand there is a new product on line A3 and it has 4 items and should combine those 4 items into B3. It only wants to combine using same formula above using just 2 values. I have a long list of products in column A1 that vary from 2 product images to 6 product images. Any assistance would be helpful. Didn't see a way to upload a sheet on here like I did before. Please advise. Thanks, Ryan.

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