Excel: Combine 'AverageIfs' and 'or'?

Hi Is there anyway to combine 'averageifs' and 'or' For example:

Year Product Quality Country Score
2013 A Good UK 10
2013 A Good USA 10
2014 B Bad UK 20
2014 C Good UK 20
Dropdown Year: 2013 Product: A Quality:Good Country: UK Average score: xxxx So if someone choose the dropdown of Year and Product only, it will only calculate the average of these two criteria only; if someone chosen 3 criteria, the averages core will narrow down 3 criteria so on and so forth. How do I do that? It's a little bit like averageifs(2013, yeardata, A, productdata) or averageifs(2013, yeardata, A, productdata, UK, country), or..... Please help.

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