Excel: Column Width Problem

I am trying to set the column width (FCol) to accommodate the largest number in the Row (FRow). I can't use AutoFit. Using the Function below, I set the width at 75% of the length of format of the value in the cell (A$). It works great on my machine but fails on others machines with different display units. I am looking for a way that will work on any display. Help, Thanks you, Jim. Function CheckWidth(FRow, FCol) Columns(FCol).Select: K = Selection.ColumnWidth: ColPct = 0.75 Cells(FRow, FCol).Select: A$ = ActiveCell B$ = Format(A$, "$* #,##0.00") L = Int(Len(B$) + 1) * ColPct If L > K Then Columns(FCol).Select: Selection.ColumnWidth = L + 1 End If End Function 'CheckWidth

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