Excel: Code to UNPROTECT then PROTECT my WORKBOOK when Macro runs - Can someone show me please???

Okay, I have this code and it works very well - but it only works if my WORKBOOK is unprotected. I know (thanks to this forum and ALL the GREAT people here) how to Unprotect then Protect an ActiveSheet, but I can't figure out how to Unprotect then Protect my workbook when the macro runs... Can someone please show me what I need to do? Thanks!!! Bear Sub BLM_RENAME_SHEET() Dim WS As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each WS In ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets WS.Activate A1 = WS.Range("C2").Value If A1 <> "" Then If InStr(C2, " - ") Then s = Split(Trim(E8), " - ") WS.Name = s(0) Else WS.Name = WS.Range("C2").Value End If End If Next End Sub

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