Excel: Code To Copy Highlighted Row Insert & Add A, B etc On End Of Data In C

I need a code that when I highlight a row(s) it copies and inserts the row beneath and adds A & B to the end of data in C. In the sample below if I highlight all three rows the data in C is different in C so I will need a total of 6 rows with A & B on the end in as the result Sheet1

12  MZC1820 2001datadatadatadata
13  MZC1820 3001datadatadatadata
14  MZC1820 4001datadatadatadata

Result Sheet1

12  MZC1820 2001Adatadatadatadatadatadatadata
13  MZC1820 2001Bdatadatadatadatadatadatadata
14  MZC1820 3001Adatadatadatadatadatadatadata
15  MZC1820 3001Bdatadatadatadatadatadatadata
16  MZC1820 4001Adatadatadatadatadatadatadata
17  MZC1820 4001Bdatadatadatadatadatadatadata


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