Excel: checking each cell in an array whether it satisfies a condition

So, let's say I need to have 24 numbers randomized. But in a particular way! They all should be chaotically randomized according to these rules: half of them (12 cells) should be randomized between 10-60 the rest (also 12 cells) between 80-90 so there's a gap between of 61-79 values, they are to be excluded but(!) you want to have 12 cells that would lie between 10-60, and the rest between 80-90 And it should be done with a single formula, that is, you can't have a formula

in first 12 cells (which already breaks the rules, because you don't want to have first 12 cells to be randomized between 10-60, but rather the amount of cells containing the values between 10-60, which are spread out randomly in an array), and then
in the remainder of the cells. "Search" function returns the position of a character in a text... totally not what I need. I need a formula that would check each cell in an array/selection on whether it satisfies the condition of being more than 60. Or is there a way to solve it by using simple formulas? Also, randbetween has to be used here, so please don't suggest advices that do not involve using this formula.

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