Excel: Check for Number in one column - then count specific numbers in a range.

Guys I would appreciate any help you could offer me on this (I spent 3 days searching about everyplace I can think of for a solution) Column "B" has 75 items. Of those items 1 to 25 are numbered the rest are blank. (All are needed, but only the newest 25 are relative). Column "D" through "J" have numbers (75 per column). I need to use the numbers in column "B" Only to "Authorize" searching D1:J75 for the number of occurrences of a specific number. (The number in "B" is else-wise semi irrelevant) The Numbers in column "B" will be re-ordered when "New" data is appended to future rows. I have tried COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, SUMPRODUCT, IF-Then with no luck. I am new(ish) to the more advanced features of Excel, but I am familiar with the program itself. Since different versions can have slightly different formulas, I'm using Office 2010 on Win7. Thanks - I Really appreciate it...

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