Excel: change this array formula with an extra "IF" condition

Excel 2016 (Windows) 32 bit

13windowblind typewidthdropbracketscontrolsbunchblade sizeFabricColourtrack colourrolloperationstyle no.catbase cost


I have this array formula in AE3: =IF(E14="","",INDEX(Categories!$H$7:$K$1402,MATCH(1,(Categories!$H$7:$H$1402=E14)*(Categories!$I$7:$I$1402=S14),0),4)) that matches the type of blind (PVCvenetian) with a category, and goes to the price grids I have set up to get a price based on the width and height, or go to the next highest price if it cant find an exact match. What I would like to amend in the above example, where it has newyork50 and newyork63, is to only have "newyork" but put the IF statement in there somewhere to say: IF the blind type says PVCvenetian, then look up the price grid called newyork50 by concatenating S14 + Q14. My 4 column table on the Categories page at H7:K1402 would say: PVCvenetian newyork blank column 3 PVCvenetian newyork blank column 63 any suggestions much appreciated

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