Excel: Change Font Colour Based on Fill Colour

I have been scouring the depths of the internet for the better part of a month and I keep coming up empty for this question. Here's what I have: I have a sheet that I manually have to colour in my cells (based on external completion data). However, the cells need the text to be black to read it properly when no fill is created and I need to use a dark red fill when colouring a "done" item. The black font is nearly impossible to read in the dark red and I am desperately looking for anything that will help me base the font colour of my cell on the fill colour. Current fill: None - Current font: Black, Text 1 Desired Fill: Dark Red - Desired font for this fill: White, Background 1 If I am missing something blatantly obvious, please be blunt with me! I am happy to use VBA but am still quite new to the writing of the program side in it. If this is not possible, I will just continue my manual change, it's just irritating! Thanks in advance.

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