Excel: Cell's value determines range's entry or creates drop down menu

Hi, I'm curious whether it would be possible (likely VBA) to allow a cell's value to either update a range to mirror the value of a cell or to insert a drop down menu into each cell in the range. Specifically, I have a dropdown menu in B1 that allows for three options. If Option1 or Option2 is selected in B1, the range (C1-C20) would mirror the value in B1. If Option 3 is selected in B1, I'd like to have a drop down menu in each cell of the range with three options (Option1, Option2 or null); yes Option1 and Option2 in the dropdown would be the same as available in B1 dropdown, but now excluding Option 3 and adding null. I'd also like for the values in the range change whenever the value in B1 changes. Any thoughts or information you'd be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards

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