Excel: Cell formatted as a date won't allow me to format it

Hi Everyone, I usually just google questions like these and 9 times out of 10, I usually figure out the solution. This one has me stumped. Unlike the solutions I found on the internet which assume the cell is formatted as text, this cell is formatted as a date. Yet, when I try to format it as a short date MM/DD/YYYY like in the other cells, it has no effect on the cell. I have tried custom formats and checking to see if the cell was locked somehow. Not an ideal solution, but I've also tried pasting as a value in a new cell and also doing a datevalue function in a new cell. Nothing is working. I'm also not getting the little sign in the cell that indicates the formatting is different from other cells in that column. They are all showing up as a "date" format. I'm running Excel 2010. Any ideas? Thanks!!! [IMG][IMG]http://s10.postimg.org/qn77fr6k9/061814_Excel_Question.jpg[/IMG] click image upload[/IMG]

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