Excel: Can't Delete Text Box

I have a basic spread sheet where I track my manpower. There are no formulas in the spread sheet. All I have is names divided up into separate columns and rows for each supervisor. Somehow, a text box got added to my spread sheet ("Text Box 2"). I click on the border of the text box, hit the "delete" button, but the text box doesn't delete. I have also right clicked on it and selected "cut" but the text box still remains. At first, I thought it was multiple text boxes laying on top of each other but then realized that every time I click on it, it has the same name (Text Box 2). I know nothing about VB but am pretty skilled at basic and intermediate Excel but can't figure out why this text box won't delete. It's not a big deal but now, it's a matter of pride. :) I'm not letting that text box beat me. lol Any ideas???

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