Excel: Can anyone change my code to another that uses Array?

This is my code right now, I set the j and i start from 4, because the list starts from the 4th row. I have a list of people with the number assigned to each of them at column A and B. I want to make a new list of people who has the number greater than 500 at column D and E. Can anyone fix this code to another that uses Arrays to insert the values I want at Column D and E? Sub MyCode () j = 4 For i = 4 To Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row If Range("B" & i).Value >= 500 Then Range("D" & j).Value = Range("A" & i).Value Range("E" & j).Value = Range("B" & i).Value j = j + 1 End If Next i End Sub This is the code I'm trying to make, but not working.. Sub NewCode () Dim Names(1 to 93) as String Dim Numbers(1 to 93) as Integer Dim i as Integer, j as Integer j = 4 to 96 For i = 4 To 96 Names() = Range("A" & j).Value Amounts() = Range("B" & i). Value If Amounts() >= 500 Then Range("D" & j).Value = Names().Value Range("E" & j).Value = Amounts().Value j = j + 1 End If Next i End Sub Can't assign Array,,, don't know why.. Anyone can help me out? Hope that new list in column D and E does not have blank cells between each values.

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