Excel: call model doesn't work

windows 8.0 office 2013 samsung ativ 500t the macro (Yes_Utility_Decrement) works fine when called from any other Sub either private or not. but in that particular piece of code it does not work. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'apply utility decrement upon changing value If Target.Address = "$D$40" Then If Range("D40") = Range("E39") Then Yes_Utility_Decrement Else: If Range("D40") = Range("E40") _ Then No_Utility_Decrement End If End If 'apply currency upon changing value If Target.Address = "$D$35" Then Call Currency_Change End If 'apply DSA max and min upon changing value If Target.Address = "$D$30" Or Target.Address = "$D$31" Then Call DSAMaxMin End If End sub this piece of code doesn't work although when I insert a msgbox"Hi" after then it displays the message box.. Also 'apply currency upon changing value and 'apply DSA max and min upon changing value works fine. this code below works Sub test() Dim x As Double x = 1 If x = "1" Then If x = "1" Then Yes_Utility_Decrement End If End If End Sub as well as the same using No_Utility_Decrement I tried using Call Yes_Utility_Decrement Run ("Yes_Utility_Decrement") still did not work

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