Excel: calcutation

Hi, any one can help? I've a list of different fruits, fruit A, fruit B, fruit C in worksheet 1 coloum A and with order date in Coloum B in dd-mm-yy (month in character), and coloum c, amount purchase for each order. I need a formula in worksheet 2 that i can gather the different type of information, example, in coloum 1, the type of fruits I order for tat particular month, Mar, example. and also im coloum 2 how many times i order within the month of Mar. and coloum 3, total amount of fruits for tat particular type i order for the same month however, example, in april, i did not order fruit A, but order fruit b, so in my april summary, it will not shown the fruit A apprear in my coloum 1 in worksheet 2 since i no place order in april is there a way to do it? 

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