Excel: Calculate and Show the Unique Entries in a Column

I have this in column A, starting with row 1: Blue Yellow Blue Red Red Yellow Question 1) I want to calculate how many unique entries I have in that column - that is 3 (for Blue, Yellow and Red). Question 2) I want to keep column 2 populated with these unique entries, like this: Blue Yellow Red (in the order they occur in column A) ..and when Green is added in column A then column B should be updated with that too. _____ (I've read several posts on my topic, but no one seam to be exact what I need, and I can't figure out how to tweak the formula to fit my needs. I've tried FREQUENCY and SUMPRODUCT but in both I've encountered problems. For the FREQUENCY example there was a TRUNC part that I couldn't bypass, and for the SUMPODUCT I never got the hang of the -- thing. I hope this can help.)

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