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Hi all I'm trying to create a booking sheet that my colleagues and I can use to keep track of our desk allocations to clients; I'm fine with simple macro recording to fill colour, add a border and centre the text etc. (will be a shared workbook so using Alignment > Centre across selection rather than Merge Cells) but if a booking needs to be deleted, I want the borders to go back to how I have already set them up. T he problem is that Desk 1 and Desk 14 have different borders from the other desks and if I try to format another row and hide it so that the macro can use the borders to format paint the selection using the hidden row, it messes up if the booking is made on a half hour because I have a solid border going down on the hour and a broken border going down the half hour.. I can't reset the whole row as we often have more than one booking a day on a desk and I only want to delete and reset the selection... any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I'd upload a document or screenshot but am a newbie so not sure how to do it :/ Am on Excel 2010.

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