Excel: Average issue

Please look in the "Average" column. Is it possible to be able to include and NOT include the 0 as part of the average? I have included all of my formulas to help if necessary. Thank you very much

72 80/88 100/113 125/138
UNDER 13 =COUNTIF(O5:O124,"<13") =COUNTIF(Q5:Q124,"<13") =COUNTIF(S5:S124,"<13") =COUNTIF(U5:U124,"<13")
UNDER 14 =COUNTIF(O5:O124,"<14") =COUNTIF(Q5:Q124,"<14") =COUNTIF(S5:S124,"<14") =COUNTIF(U5:U124,"<14")
UNDER 15 =COUNTIF(O5:O124,"<15") =COUNTIF(Q5:Q124,"<15") =COUNTIF(S5:S124,"<15") =COUNTIF(U5:U124,"<15")
TOTAL ENTRIES =COUNTIF(O5:O124,">0") =COUNTIF(Q5:Q124,">0") =COUNTIF(S5:S124,">0") =COUNTIF(U5:U124,">0")
% UNDER 13 =IFERROR(B35/B38,0) =IFERROR(C35/C38,0) =IFERROR(D35/D38,0) =IFERROR(E35/E38,0)
% UNDER 14 =IFERROR(B36/B38,0) =IFERROR(C36/C38,0) =IFERROR(D36/D38,0) =IFERROR(E36/E38,0)
% UNDER 15 =IFERROR(B37/B38,0) =IFERROR(C37/C38,0) =IFERROR(D37/D38,0) =IFERROR(E37/E38,0)
[FONT=Arial Narrow]Pressures 72 80/88 100/113 125/138 Average
Max =MAX(O5:O124) =MAX(Q5:Q124) =MAX(S5:S124) =MAX(U5:U124) =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(B4:E4,">0",B4:E4),0)
Min =MIN(O5:O124) =MIN(Q5:Q124) =MIN(S5:S124) =MIN(U5:U124) =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(B5:E5,">0",B5:E5),0)
Average =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(O5:O124,">0",O5:O124),0) =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(Q5:Q124,">0",Q5:Q124),0) =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(S5:S124,">0",S5:S124),0) =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(U5:U124,">0",U5:U124),0) =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(B6:E6,">0",B6:E6),0)
Below psi Average
Under 13 =B39 =C39 =D39 =E39 =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(B8:E8,">0",B8:E8),0)
Under 14 =B40 =C40 =D40 =E40 =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(B9:E9,">0",B9:E9),0)
Under 15 =B41 =C41 =D41 =E41 =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(B10:E10,">0",B10:E10),0)

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