Excel: Automatically update date within a formula

Hi, I have a sales table which shows how many sales have been made using a formula that Counts data from another report. Example: =COUNTIFS('Sales Report'!$D:$D,"upgrade paperwork sent",'Sales Report'!$K:$K,"Mrs Brown",'Sales Report'!$G:$G,"42838") 42838 being the raw data for the date I want to use. I have a table that shows last Friday - Thursday how many "upgrade paperwork sent" by a certain agent. I am trying to get the report to automatically change the raw date data within the formula to the previous weeks dates. For example: 2 weeks ago, the date was "42825" (Friday) - "42831" (Thursday) (The table has each day Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu) and now when I go to the report today to get the data for "42832" - "42838" I have to manually change the raw date for each cell Fri-Thu. Is there any way I can get this to automatically change if I input what 'todays' raw date is somewhere on the sheet? P.S I have to use the raw date because the data i gather from can only use this format.

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