Excel: Automatic File Naming

Hello all, I'm trying to rewrite some old VBA that had been used for automatically renaming a file. It no longer works since switching over to Office 2013. The existing code is as follows ... ______ Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Left(ThisWorkbook.FullName, Len(ThisWorkbook.FullName) - 12) _ & Sheet3.Range("A19").Text & "_" & Sheet3.Range("E4").Text End Sub ______ In the end, the file name should look something like this - "fox-l2-frm1-111914-tml-timesheet_10-31-2014_John Smith" with the "10-31-2014" being the variable residing in A19, and "John Smith" being the variable residing in E4. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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