Excel: Auto Transpose macro

Hello there, I really hope someone can help me with this macro that I tried to create and gave up. I tried the record macro option and modified the values on the script,but considering the knowledge that I have in excel, it didnot work. Am trying to create an excel sheet,which, upon one click transposes the 1000 values in 1000 rows(1column) in to single row of 1000 columns. I cannot paste 2000 values here so am giving an example of 100 values, 50 in one row >then a blank row, then 50. (so what I actually am looking for is 1000 in one row,blank row>next thousand and so on) Sometimes, the work we do goes on till 50,000 values to 100000, so it gets difficult. Example : Company id 10084410 10110378 11247324 21542065 52p50728 5starf02 5starr07 99034442 aacqst08 aaj04821 aba58774 abc28803 abr85711 abs05863 abukio06 acc10045 acc52500 acchur05 accntl04 accord00 accwci04 ace47732 ace73418 acedde05 acmebc02 aconex08 acr46344 adamsn01 addllc09 ade77627 adtein03 adu74034 adv04788 adv25200 adv60376 adv80105 advfun02 aer23415 aew65323 aff66377 afminc09 africa02 aga55862 agr63845 agrico08 aha80181 ahmoco02 air32040 airint03 airscn04 ajemex09 akfain09 alb64555 albhea04 ald36083 aldrey04 ale04513 algboe09 algosi04 all50435 alp12485 alp58881 alprbs09 alsele04 alsinc05 alterm08 alz55888 amb42163 amclos99 amdjap05 ame16612 ame43768 ame46305 ame67558 ame75681 americ09 amp78733 amplif03 amtekm03 anarco02 anc58283 and43362 andhra08 anesth08 ang24032 ansfmt09 ant06221 anthcn02 anthcn04 anthcn06 anthcn08 anthcn10 anthes03 anthes05 anthes07 anthes09 anthws03 anthws05 anthws07 Result : first 50 values,(am not able to paste them here in one row) Insert blank row Next 50 values[FONT=Lucida Console][COLOR=#0000cd],(am not able to paste them here in one row) Thank you very much in advance. :)[/COLOR][/FONT]

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