Excel: Auto Insert Row before Monday with Formula & formatting

Hi... In column H I have a list of dates as I will add new rows each day for different records - it's a payment collection. e.g. 18/06/14 18/06/14 19/06/14 19/06/14 19/06/14 21/06/14 23/06/14 21/06/14 is Saturday & 23/06/14 is Monday, Sunday is holiday so that day is no collection but I want Sunday row also be there with date in that column. Currently I am doing it manually. Is there a method with VBA (or other) to automatically insert a row with formulas & formatting above Monday date after workbook save. Please note I have data validations, conditional formatting & lot of formulas there. I have other date column also on workbook but I want it happens only with column with H. Also what if I have to change column H in future…please help me. Thanks in Advance.

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