Excel: Assistance with Sumproduct(orsumifs) on multiple columns including specifying months (Current and Previous)

Good morning. if someone could help me with a formula I'd'd appreciate it. (i'm OK with some basics but this is beyond me unfortunately) I have a table the following column headers E = Amount N = Date Refunded Y = WriteOff what i'm looking for is two formulas. 1) Sum Column E where Column N is in the current month and Column Y is blank. 2) Sum Column E where Column N is in the Previous month and Column Y is blank. I currently have got this far =SUMIFS(Chargebacks!E:E,Chargebacks!N:N,"<>",Chargebacks!Y:Y,"=") obviously the bit in red is where i need to define the months but i'm not sure how I really need to to do some self learning on sumproduct as I find it difficult to get my head around however any help is greatly appreciated. Stret

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