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Hi All, I have data in below format :- Now I want to add a filter as below mentioned criteria :- 1) Picklisted : Should be New 2) 410(A) : Should remove latest 6 dates from filter 3) GR1 : Should be False 4) GR01 : Should be select all numbers & numbers where 2 numbers mentioned with text Rej. I tried by myself with without macro with advance filter , but unable to found any solution, how to filter out latest 6 dates from filter. Please assist.

State Program Picklisted 410 (A) GRO1 GR1
0 A New 7-Aug-13 2334 FALSE
NSW B Old site 24-Jul-13 2442 FALSE
NSW C New 21-Oct-15 3444 TRUE
NSW D New 15-Jan-15 2345 FALSE
NSW E Old site 3-Sep-15 5223 FALSE
0 G New 11-Jun-14 71,74 Rej FALSE
QLD D Old site 29-Aug-13 4555 TRUE
QLD S New 20-Sep-13 31,74, Rej FALSE
QLD SS Old site 15-Jul-13 7470 FALSE
QLD ER Old site 16-Jul-13 7470 FALSE
WA 4 New 17-Sep-13 74,Rej FALSE
WA 56 Old site 12-Aug-13 7470 TRUE

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