Excel: Adjust code to cater for multiple combo boxes

Hi, I am having great difficulty trying to work out how to calculate GST on a userform. I apologise for the duplicate post, however the other post probably didn't explain it very well. I have managed to get the code below to work for cboTax1 however I cannot work out how to adjust this code to cater for multiple combo boxes. By that I mean, I have cboTax1-10 and I need to perform this calculation for all 10 boxes and put the total of the results to Taxamt Textbox. [CODE] Private Sub cboTax1_change() If cboTax1.Value = "GST Free" Then Taxamt1 = "$0.00" Else Taxamt1 = (Total1.Value * (10 / 100)) End If Taxamt.Value = Format(Taxamt1, "$#,##0.00") End Sub If anyone can please help that would be greatly appreciated, I have been searching the net for days now, but just cant find anything that works for what I want. Maybe I cant do it how I want? Thanks so much! Sue-Anne

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