Excel: Adding to the formulas of many cells at once

Hi, I have a long list of rates (hourly wages) in my spreadsheet. These are hardcopy numbers (values), not formulas. I would like to add an escalation to the rates by referencing a cell where I can enter an escalation factor. For example: In cell A1 I write an escalation value. For example 102%. So if I multiply the hourly rate of 345 by this factor, the rate is increased by 2%. A1: 102% Colomn B: 345 786 554 325 986 ... Instead, I would like the contents of colomn B to read like this: Colomn B: =345*$A$1 =786*$A$1 =554*$A$1 =325*$A$1 =986*$A$1 So, I would like a way to add [I]*$A$1[/I] to all cells in Colomn B without manually typing it in each cell. Is there a way to do that without using Macros/VBA? Yes, I know I can just use Colomn C and write in cell C2=B2*$A$1 and I would have the values I want in that colomn. This does not fit with the format of my spreadsheet which is used in my company, and is not an option. Yes, I could also just temporarily get the values from colomn C as discussed above and copy-paste values into colomn B and then delete colomn C again. Again, that is not what I want to do. I want colomn B do be dynamic and have references to A1 (escalation factor). Thank you so much for your help in advance :) There are always a lot of smart Excel users on this forum. P.S. If this has already been answered, please post a link. I could not find someone posting this problem.

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