Excel: Adding the total quantity of Items between suggested start Dates and Time THEN end Dates and Time.

Hi Mr Excel User, Ive had this problem for a while and at 1 point seem to have it solved until it simply just stopped working(I have samples if anyone needs) I want to workout the qty of products sold between a period of 2 times and 2 dates that I inputted in a different cell The name of the products are listed in (column A). The Qty of each product sold on that date and time is listed in (column B). While the dates is in (Column C)(earliest date at the top) and time is in (Column D)(earliest time from that date at the top). Once I input the start time (G3) and start date (H3) in different cells then the end time (I3) and end date (J3) I get the total added of each of the products between the dates and times I just inputted. I tried using =SUMPRODUCT, here is an example of string I used: =SUMPRODUCT(($B$5:$B$39),--($C$5:$C$39>=StartDate),--($C$5:$C$39<=EndDate),--($D$5:$D$39<=StartTime),--($D$5:$D$39<=EndTime),--($A$5:$A$39=G6)) Hope someone can help me, ask me for more information if needed Thank you inadvance, Bbdhome

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