Excel: Add new Rows with VBA.

Hello, I’m adding new / empty Rows (in this case 8463 Rows, starting at Row 21). The first code I got using the Macro recorder. (It simply adds rows one after the other). I modified it to reduce the steps by putting a simple loop in. It works but takes ages (even if I turn the screen off with Application.screenupdating = False ).

Sub Insert8463RowsAtRow21ByInserting8463Rows()
    For i = 1 To 8463 Step 1
    Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
    Next i
End Sub 'Insert8463RowsAtRow21ByInserting8463Rows()
The Second Code I got as well from the recorder. (It shifts everything down to make a space equal in Rows to the number of Rows I want.) That works quite quickly so I’m Happy. (I took the line Range("A8483").Activate out because I couldn’t see that it did anything. I hope that was OK??)
Sub Insert8463RowsAtRow21ByMovingEverything8463Downwards()
    '      Range("A8483").Activate
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub 'Insert8463RowsAtRow21ByMovingEverything8463Downwards()
But I am learning VBA and wanted to do it more professionally. I’ve tried a couple of hours to find a simple line that looks something like. “ Rows(“21:21”) . Add .AddRows insert Range( 21 21 : 8483 8483 ).Add Rows.Insert( ) etc. etc. “ But I haven’t found it yet. It’s probably obvious to a Profi. – can anyone help Thanks, Danke Alan Germany.

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