Excel: activating a different workbook without knowing its name.

Hello there 1. I have a file where I record a list of information. 2. that information is copied, by a macro, from an XML file such as 6550010000305931007020640-procNfe.xml 3. first I change it to .xls and open it, (or even without changing it) it opens as pasta1, pasta2..... I´m trying to execute the macro that is on the permanent workbook. (I have for that macro a button on the excel menu) but clicking on it, gives a massage that the macro is not available on the that workbook (pasta1, pasta2.... name keep changing) I would like to know how do I get the macro to start without its workbook being active ? Or if I start with it, how do I tell excel to look for the other files ? Thanks Moty

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