Excel: 5 highest values with multiple criterias and possible tie

Hi, looked for forum to find answer for my question but didn't manage to find solution. I would like to find 5 top values from data, based on certain criteria. I also need way to present results, if there is a tie between 2 values, when status is same for both (for example companies: Foxtrot and India). I need to export the data from excel to some other softwares, so visual sorting isnt option. I think that the functions for: F3 and G3 are the most important (that's why i blurred the lats 3 columns of this example). I have tried the LARGE and SMALL functions, but my brains just explodes... Here is an example to descibre my problem in a case that Deal status is O:

1 Value Company Status Deals Open Deals Lost
2 123 456 Alfa Lost No: Value Company No: Value Company
3 11 000 Beta Won 1. 1
4 12 500 Charlie Open 2. 2.
5 123 456 Delta Lost 3. 3.
6 200 050 Foxtrot Open 4. 4.
7 290 321 Golf Open 5. 5.
8 123 543 Hotel Won
9 200 050 India Open
10 125 076 Juliett Won

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