Excel: 2nd largest date based on specific date

I have 2 data columns (Date and Loan) and 2 columns (Previous Day and Next Day) needing formulas:

1 Date Loan Previous Day Next Day
2 10/30/14 123 No Yes
3 11/03/14 321 No No
4 11/03/14 456 No Yes
5 11/03/14 123 Yes No
6 11/05/14 654 No
7 11/05/14 789 No
8 11/05/14 456 Yes
Previous Day formula needs to check if the loan appeared on the day prior; [I]Example:[/I] [I]So B5 entered on 11/03 appeared also on 10/31, so it should get a YES in C5. etc. Same for B8, it was entered on 11/05 and appeared on the previous day, even though it was not on 11/04, the previous day here was 11/03. [/I] Next Day formula needs to do the same, except for the day after. Of course 11/05 will be empty, since there is no next day yet; [I]Example: Just like B8 and B4. B4 was entered on 11/03. Since there is no 11/04, the next day is 11/05. So B4 will get a YES in D4. [/I] Problem is that the date column can skip days. As seen by going from 11/03 to 11/05. Therefore I cannot use the WORKDAY -1 formula.:eeek: Previous Day column example: in C3 I need a formula that can calculate the next lowest date based on the date in A3. Next Day column example: in D4 I need a formula that can calculate the next highest date based on the date in A4. I hope to stay away from array formulas since they seem to slow down my excel book. :banghead: Thanks for your help...

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