Excel: 2 sperate Font sizes in the same cell

Hi Im using excel 2010 can anyone help me in in creating 2 sepertate size fonts in the same cell the first font is size 128 Arial & the second font size is 20 Arial the formulas are in coulmn "E" & "F" (Vlookups from another sheet), i concatanate them with a space inbetween and word wrap so that the letter N is above and November is below in the same cell which is in column"J" i can manualy accomplish this by in the task bar highlighting the N and then Novemeber and manualy change the font size however i have a lot of data in "E" & "F" and the data changes on a daily basis any workaround is apprecied by either changing concatanate to another formula or a macro or vba Many thanks

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