Excel: 1099 USA tax form

Hi I’m trying to build a spreadsheet 1099 tax form for USA tax purposes, so I can complete the form for all the vendors via a marco/s. On Sheet1 (Customer Record) I have the customer details Tax Numbers to zip code. This will be done manually as they supply W9 forms. Zip Code (Post code) is in column G On Sheet2 (Input Data) there will be the vendors data, this will be imported from a WordPress plugin. The plugin will produce a CVS file which can open in excel. The plugin data will NOT hold the Vendors TAX Number (National insurance number). This data I will have already input manually into sheet1 . I will copy the plugin data into Sheet2 (Input data). I need a macro that will Do the following.

  • Look for the zip code in Sheet1 Column G and
  • Then find the same in Sheet2 Column G
  • Copy data from Sheet2 Column G range G:AB and paste it into sheet1 at the right location, then move to next record.

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