Excel: Teach Excel to Fill A, B, C

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Problem: The fill handle can fill weekdays, months, quarters, and now numbers. Why can't it fill A, B, C?

Strategy: Create a list of the alphabet. Save that list as a custom list as described above. Here is a fast way to create the alphabet.

  1. Select a range that is one column wide and 26 rows tall.
  2. Type =CHAR(ROW(A65)). Press Ctrl+Enter.
  3. Ctrl+C to copy. Paste, Values using your favorite method or Context+V in Excel 2010.

Character number 65 is a capital letter A. Using ROW(A65) will return the number 65 in the first cell, 66 in the next cell, and so on. This handy formula will create the letters from A to Z.

Import the range as a custom list as described in the previous topic.