Excel: Rename Your Tables

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Problem: Is a formula such as =SUM(Table1[Revenue]) supposed to be meaningful?

Strategy: When you create a table by pressing Ctrl+T, Excel gives the table a generic name, such as Table1, Table2, and so on. If you rename the table, the formulas will start to make more sense. Here's what you do:

  1. Convert a range to a table by selecting one cell in the range and pressing Ctrl+T and clicking OK.
  2. Click in the Table Name field in the Properties group in the Design ribbon and type a new name for the table. A name such as tSalesData might be more meaningful than Table1.

Results: Excel will rewrite any formulas that point to the table to use the new table name. For example, it will change the =SUM(Table1[Revenue]) you asked about to =SUM(SalesData[Revenue]).