Excel: Quickly Copy Worksheets

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Problem: I've created the perfect report for January. I've formatted the column widths. I've changed the Page Setup. I have custom views. I need to make copies of the report for February through December in the current workbook.

Strategy: You need the Move or Copy command. Normally, you would right-click the January worksheet tab, choose Move or Copy, choose New Book, Create a Copy, OK. However, there is a faster way.

While holding down the Ctrl key, drag the January worksheet tab and drop it to the right of the January tab.

  1. Ctrl+Drag the tab to make a copy.

    Watch the black triangle pointer. The worksheet copy will be added where the indicator appears.

    Gotcha: The name for the new worksheet will be January (2). Double-click the worksheet name and type a new name.

    Additional Details: If you have two workbooks opened and use View, Arrange, Vertical, you can Ctrl+Drag a worksheet from one workbook to another.