Excel: Move Columns Using Insert Cut Cells

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Problem: I need to rearrange two columns. The left-to-right sort trick described in "œMove Columns by Sorting Left to Right" seems overly complex.

Strategy: There is a fast way to move a couple of columns. You select the entire column to be moved and use Cut. Then you right-click on the column to the right of where the data should go and choose Insert Cut Cells.

Below, you want to move column B before column A. This will require four clicks. Follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the B column label. Choose Cut from the context menu.

  1. Right-click the column and cut.
    1. Right-click the A column label. Choose Insert Cut Cells.

  2. Cut B and insert cut cells before A.

    Results: The entire column will be moved. This is an amazingly simple and fast process.

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