Excel: Minimize the Ribbon to Make Excel Feel a Bit More Like Excel 2003

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Problem: The ribbon is taking up a lot of real estate at the top of my screen. It distracts me. I spend 99% of my Excel time in the grid, so I don't need to see the ribbon all the time.

Strategy: You can minimize the ribbon, reducing it to a simple line of Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, and so on, as shown here.

  1. See four more rows of worksheet by minimizing the Ribbon.

    To minimize the ribbon, you can either press Ctrl+F1 or right-click anywhere on the ribbon and then choose Minimize the Ribbon.

    Additional Details: When you either click a ribbon tab with the mouse or use an Excel shortcut key, the ribbon will temporarily reappear. When you select the command from the ribbon, it will minimize again.

    Double-click any ribbon tab to permanently exit minimized mode.

    Alternate Strategy: Excel also offers a full screen mode. If you choose View, Full Screen, Excel will hide the ribbon, the ribbon tabs, and the Quick Access toolbar. You can press the Esc key to exit this mode.