Excel: Get Excel Data Into PowerPivot

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Problem: How do I get my Excel data into PowerPivot?

Convert your Excel data to a table and then link the table to PowerPivot.

First, convert your dataset to a table by selecting one cell and pressing Ctrl+T. Excel will ask you to confirm that your data has headers. Click OK. On the Table Tools Design tab, enter a new name for the table on the left side of the ribbon. This name will carry through to PowerPivot and be used in formulas later, so keep it short and easy to spell.

On the PowerPivot tab, choose Add to Data Model in Excel 2013 or Create Linked Table in Excel 2010.

  1. Define your data as a table, you can simply link to the table.

    After a moment, you will see your data in the green grid of the PowerPivot window.

  2. The linked table appears in PowerPivot.

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