Excel: Explode One Slice of the Pie

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Problem: What is the point of an exploded pie? It doesn't look any better than a pie.

  1. Adding white spaces between wedges doesn't add anything.

    Strategy: It is better to explode one slice of a pie. If you want to draw the reader's attention to one slice of the pie, bring that slice to the front of the chart and explode that slice of the pie.

    1. Identify the pie slice that you want to highlight.
    2. Right-click the pie and choose Format Data Series.
    3. Use the Rotation slider to bring that slice of the pie to the 4 o'clock position. There is more room for the pie slice at that point.

  2. Rotate the chart.
    1. In the chart, do a single click twice on the wedge to be exploded.
    2. Click and drag that wedge out from the center of the pie.

  3. Explode one slice of the pie to call attention to that slice..

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