Excel: Delete All Pictures in Pasted Data

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Problem: I copy data from my bank's Web page into Excel. On the Web page, the bank has little check icons that let me view a physical copy of a check. These check icons show up as annoying images in my Excel workbook. How can I delete all these images in one step?

  1. Delete all images.

    Strategy: Excel offers the Select Objects tool, that allows you to select all images in a rectangular area. Use, Home, Find & Select, Select Objects.

    Using the mouse, start highlighting above and to the left of the first cell that contains a picture. Drag down and to the right to encompass all the cells that contain pictures. When you release the mouse button, all pictures that are completely contained in the rectangle will be selected. At this point, press the Delete key.

    Gotcha: You have to remember to turn off Select Objects mode, or you will no longer be able to select any cells. It is very annoying to try to select cells and have the mouse not respond to clicking. To exit Select Objects mode, you simply press the Esc key.