Excel: Control How Your Name Appears in Comments

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Problem: When I insert a comment, the name displayed in bold is Customer. Can I change this so everyone knows which comments I inserted?

  1. The comment offers a generic name.

    Strategy: You can change the name that is displayed in comments. To do so, you select File, Options. At the bottom of the first category, edit the User Name to the name you would like displayed in comments.

  2. Change comment name.

    Additional Details: Would you prefer no name in the comments? If you completely erase this field, Excel will pick up the computer user name. If you put a space, the comment will appear with a space and a colon in row 1.

  3. You can't completely remove it..

    If you want to remove the name from a single comment, you can select the name and press Delete or backspace through the name. Be careful that your comment doesn't end up in bold. Typically, the name will appear in bold, and the comment you type will appear in normal font.

  4. Bold name. Normal comment.

    When you backspace through the name and then begin to type, Excel will be in bold mode, and any comment you type will appear in bold.

    To turn off the bold mode, press Ctrl+B before you begin to type the comment.

  5. When you clear the comment, you are left in bold mode.

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