Excel: Collaborate on a Workbook with Excel Web App

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Problem: We have five co-workers who need to edit the same workbook. When someone (Marcia"¦) leaves it open, the rest of us are forced into Read-Only mode.

Strategy: The Excel Web App has solved this problem. This is one of those things that the Excel Web App does better than regular Excel.

From Excel 2013, us File, Save As, OneDrive. Once the file is on OneDrive, use File, Share, Get a Sharing Link. Next to the Edit Link, click Create Link. Excel will generate a URL that will be impossible to remember. Copy that URL and send it to your co-workers.

With Excel 2010, Use File, Save & Send, Save to Web and save the file to OneDrive. Then, from Office.com, find the file in your recent documents. Open the workbook. Use Share, Share With People, and choose the editing link.

When people follow the link, they will choose to Edit in Excel Online. Multiple people can have the document open and edit difference cells at the same time. A status bar in the top right shows who is in the document. A color-coded box shows the cell that each person is editing.

Gotcha: Filtering is the one odd thing. If I filter the worksheet to only my records, it gets filtered for everyone. Here at MrExcel, we had to agree on a "œno filtering" rule. The Excel team wants to fix this, but it is hard"¦ functions like AGGREGATE will return different answers based on hidden rows.

  1. Choose to Edit online.