Excel: Add or Remove Fields from an Existing Pivot Table

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Problem: I've seen how easy it is to rearrange an existing pivot table by swapping Region and Product fields. Now, what if I want to replace the Region field with the Customer field?

Strategy: In order to remove the Region field from a pivot table, you click on the Region button in the Row Labels drop zone of the PivotTable Field List dialog. Then you drag the button outside the Field List dialog. The cell pointer will change to include a black X, which is synonymous with Delete.

  1. Remove a field.

    Alternatively, you can uncheck the Region field from the top of the Field List.

    To add the Customer field to the Row Labels drop zone, you simply click the Customer check box in the top of the PivotTable Field List dialog. Because the field is a text field, it will automatically move to the Row Labels drop zone.

    Results: The new field will be added to the pivot table.

  2. Remove Region, add Customer.