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Excel Use Hyperlinks to Create an Opening Menu for a Workbook

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Use Hyperlinks to Create
an Opening Menu for a Workbook

Problem: I have designed a budget workbook that has various worksheets. Managers throughout the company need to use it, but some of the managers are not entirely comfortable with Excel. A navigation tool would help them get through the worksheet.

Strategy: You can make your first worksheet a menu with hyperlinks. Here’s how:

1. Insert an opening worksheet called Menu. Add an entry for each section of the workbook.


Figure 108 Column B will become clickable hyperlinks.

2. Select cell B4 and then select Insert, Hyperlink or press Ctrl+K.

3. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog, choose Place In This Document from the left icons.

4. Select the correct worksheet. Verify the cell address of A1.


Figure 109 Choose the proper worksheet.

5. Optionally, click the ScreenTip button and provide friendly text that will appear when someone hovers over the link.

Gotcha: If you don’t provide ScreenTip text, Excel will display a rather verbose ToolTip that will distract managers.


Figure 110 Replace this default ToolTip.

Results: The cell becomes a clickable hyperlink. Clicking on the link will take the manager to the Actuals worksheet.

Additional Details: Be sure to provide a hyperlink on the Actuals worksheet to take the manager back to the menu

Additional Details: It is tricky to select a hyperlinked cell. One method: Click on the hyperlink and hold the mouse button for two seconds. When the hand icon changes to a plus icon, let go of the mouse button. To edit an existing hyperlink, you use the Insert, Hyperlink command again or right-click the cell and choose Edit Hyperlink.

See Also: “Remove Hyperlinks
Automatically Inserted by Excel" on page 551

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